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What’s the Cost of Joint Injections in the Horse?

Joint injections in the horse, likely the most commonly performed procedure in the horse with osteoarthritis, navicular ailments, or other lameness condition.  The second most common procedure, likely, is endoscopy for gastric ulcers.  How much does a joint injection cost in the horse?  Not just financially, but what do they cost your horse regarding future health and soundness?  Is there a downside outside of where it hits you in the pocket book?  Is there another option or alternative to a joint injection for your horse? (more…)

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Small Animal FAQs

What is the difference between Cur-OST® and my pet’s joint supplement?

Cur-OST® formulas are designed to reduce inflammation and pain through the use of Curcumin and other anti-inflammatory herbs.  Inflammation is an ongoing problem associated not only with joint deterioration but also many other health conditions. Most joint supplements contain glucosamine & chondroitin, which mainly target cartilage repair by providing nutrients lost as a result of chronic inflammation.

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