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Cur-OST EQ Topline & Muscle Protein Rebuilds the Horse

Building the topline and overall muscle development in the horse can be a real challenge for many horse owners.  In order to provide for proper topline and muscle development in the horse, protein and amino acids are vital for success.  Most feed regimens and forages being fed are lower in digestible protein and not often high enough to support proper muscle growth.  Supplementing with Cur-OST EQ Topline & Muscle, may provide the edge you are seeking to help your horse to rebuild muscle and topline. (more…)

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Building the Topline in the Horse; The Importance of Nutrition and Gut Health

The topline in your horse is one of the most important groups of muscles that supports the vertebral column, the rider and saddle, and facilitates proper movement in power.  The topline in the horse is also one of the most underdeveloped muscle groups in a high percentage of horses.  Take the saddle off of many high level competition horses and you will be witness to a weak topline, which then impacts that horse’s performance and soundness.  Why is the topline so tough to build and what can you do to regain muscle and strength to that region in the horse? (more…)

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Topline and Cold Back Problems in the Horse

Topline and cold back problems are common in the equine industry.  In many cases, the problem is more cosmetic in the horse, i.e., loss of muscle tone to the topline or lumbar region.  While in others, the problems extend into performance related issues, such as overt pain or failure to fully perform or stretch out. Although there are no specific remedies to these issues, some approaches have proven more valuable at least in our experience with rehabilitation patients.   (more…)

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