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What Do I Feed My Horse?

This is the question of the century for many horse owners.  Determining what to feed your horse may seem like a complicated topic, but really it isn’t.  Modern processed horse feeds, heavy marketing, and the internet have made matters more complex than they really are.  We’ve lost our way because we have lost focus.  Creating the ideal feeding program can vary from one horse to the next, but the choices you make for your equine companion can make all of the difference.  These choices will also impact, positively or negatively, the overall health, performance, and injury recovery of your horse. This is a lengthy article and for this I apologize, but I do feel it is an important one that needs to be truly evaluated and understood on many levels.  (more…)

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Is My Horse’s Grain Creating Health Problems?

Grain.  They are a staple in the horse community.  Processed or commercially available grain products are the most popular and there seems to be a grain blend for almost any health or performance issue. Considering the popularity of these commercial grains and the concurrent rise in health problems in horses, you have to ask whether if you are truly doing good…or are you maybe doing harm? (more…)

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