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The Hot Horse; Proper Herbal and Food Therapies

Excess heat in the horse can be a major problem for many horse owners.  In part one of this article, I discussed the concept of the ‘hot’ horse, which can present many different ways clinically from sore feet to attitude issues.  While it is imperative to get your horse back into balance physically and reduce that internal heat accumulation, the solutions are not always as straight forward as you’d like them to be. Through looking at your horse in his or her entirety, the causes or contributors do become more evident and thus can guide you to choosing correct solutions.  The solution is always there, but it can take time, patience and understanding to reach the goal of recovery for your horse. (more…)

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Cordyceps sinensis; Rebuilding & Enhancing the Horse

Lack of energy, breathing problems, poor recovery and stamina, and impaired healing are all symptoms that often plague the equine athlete. Cordyceps sinensis is a long time, well-revered and cherished herb for overall health and vitality.  It is viewed as being a re-builder of health on many levels, supporting energy and recovery in humans.  Considering that the horse is not much different than us, enduring much wear and tear, not to mention ongoing stress upon their system, Cordyceps sinensis could be an extremely beneficial herb that could dramatically impact the horse’s overall recovery, vitality, and even longevity.  Let’s take a look at what Cordyceps could potentially offer your horse. (more…)

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Adaptogens and the Horse; How and Why?

Stress, anxiety, and even depression dramatically impact the horse mentally and physically.  This is especially true of the competitive equine athlete, but is also true for those horses stalled a lot or recovering from an illness or injury.  Stress is a physical response in the horse, often created by the mind within their head, responding to different circumstances, physical pain, or lifestyle factors.  Overcoming this stress response can lead to a healthier animal, faster recovery times from illness or injury, and improved performance.  Adaptogens are one key player in this recovery for the horse, but knowing how they work and when to use them can be the difference between success and failure. (more…)

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