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How Cur-OST EQ IR Works

How Cur-OST EQ IR Works

Healthy sugar metabolism is the key to cellular function. Metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity are strongly connected with poor sugar regulation. In horses, abnormal sugar metabolism is also closely linked with laminitis and poor hoof health.



The good news is that nature has provided many options for us to regulate sugar naturally by promoting normal, healthy cellular insulin sensitivity.  With our high-grade formulations and blends, you can trust that you are getting the best product nature provides.

Support Healthy Sugar Metabolism and Provide Potent Levels of Antioxidants in ONE Formula

Our Cur-OST® EQ IR formula is the only horse supplement providing potent levels of fruit extracts in their natural forms to help to support healthy sugar metabolism and provide potent antioxidant protection to give your horse results! Manage sugar levels naturally while gaining antioxidants and vitamins in their natural forms.

The Cur-OST® EQ IR natural supplement for horses has proven beneficial in improving the management of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance in horses.  For best results, we recommend combining the EQ IR formula with one of our Cur-OST® EQ formulas to support a healthy inflammation response, especially if there is concurrent laminitis pain.


Cur-OST® EQ IR formula contains:

  • Blueberry 4:1 Extract: potent antioxidant and supports healthy sugar metabolism
  • Bilberry 4:1 Extract: potent antioxidant and supports healthy sugar metabolism
  • Noni Fruit 4:1 Extract: potent antioxidant and supports healthy sugar metabolism

If your horse is experiencing weight problems or metabolic syndrome symptoms, our Cur-OST® EQ IR should be a part of your daily regimen! Clinically proven effective and utilized in veterinary practices to aid in the management of weight related conditions.

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