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Doctor Consultation

Doctor Consultations

Questions about our supplements?

We provide a wide array of dietary supplements to fulfill these needs, but it can be confusing. If you have basic questions regarding our supplements, please contact our support line at 1-800-476-4702 or by using the contact form to the left.

Questions regarding your horse or pet?

I receive hundreds of questions about horse and pet health. Most of the times the solutions are more than a quick answer. Health can be a confusing and complicated topic. But, as a board certified Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with over 18 years of veterinary clinical practice, I want to help and guide you to the appropriate actions required to either maintain health or resolve a condition or injury. Whether you have a question regarding a certain health condition, lameness or other situation or you would like a second opinion, I am available on a fee basis at  We offer several consultation levels from email consultations to rehabilitation at our facility in North Carolina. Chances are, we have seen your situation before. Let us help you. Contact me at

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My goal is to educate and guide, with the sole purpose of enhancing health, reducing pain, improving performance, increase energy and immune function.

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