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How SA Total Works

Total Support SA targets high levels of inflammation and pain while enhancing digestion, helping to improve joints, mobility and improve allergies of all origins. The ideal formula for those pets that have skin or respiratory allergies characterized with redness of skin, itching, odor or coughing with phlegm production.


FACT: Allergy patients are often dependent on high doses of various medications to control or minimize their con-ditions, which can come with unwanted side effects

SOLUTION: Manage the chronic inflammation that is contributing not only to pain and discomfort, but also impacting the immune function and allergy production.

Cur-OST® Total Support SA Reduces high levels of inflammation and pain, managing allergies and enhancing digestive health in ONE formula!

Target the inflammation that is contributing to overall health deterioration in YOUR pet!

Our Cur-OST® Total Support SA supplement provides higher levels of inflammation and pain reduction plus anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals in their natural forms though the use of nutritive herbs. Total Support SA also uses potent levels of dandelion, marshmallow and parsley extracts to impact digestive health, reduce inflammation, oily discharges and phlegm.

Our Cur-OST® Total Support SA formula is ideal for those pets with skin allergies, ear conditions, chronic bacterial infections associated with allergies and persistent yeast infections.

The MOST complete supplement for your pet, supporting overall health and digestion, while reducing chronic inflammation, allergies and joint pain! Veterinary Formulated. Research Supported and Clinically Utilized to get Results!

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