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CurOST® Equine Adapt & Calm Testimonials

“I have a lovely and sweet-as-pie Lusitano gelding. Unfortunately, he’s had some recent issues with canter. Before a depart, he’d begun to throw his head, bunny hop, canter in place, or simply get so worked up that he would not even take the gait. His back, hocks, etc., have all been vet checked, but no clear issues were found. A friend suggested I contact Dr. Schell to see if maybe there wasn’t another way to look at the problem. He recommended the new Adapt & Calm EQ formula and I was all for giving it a go. Within a week, I began to see a change. And now, with a month on the formula, we’re now cantering both directions without a panicky fuss and with more and more relaxation every ride. And while we still have much to work on, I’ve been super pleased with the progress and have even had folks at my barn remark on his “transformation.”

Erin O’Malley

“I have been using the Adapt & calm EQ formula for a mare I got in for a month now. I noticed a big difference within a couple days of starting this formula. When the mare first came to the house she paced in her stall, had a hard time getting her in the trailer, and she would throw her head when riding her. She has not thrown her head since, she jumps into the trailer and she no longer paces in her stall! I now have her on the EQ Total as well and she is doing amazing! Her coat is as shiny as ever and she is feeling great! Every formula I use of Cur-OST always gives me the best results! Thank you Dr Schell for making a much needed product!”

Lisamarie Miller


“Adapt & Calm EQ helped calm down my 3 year old QH Cutting Horse’s reactions regarding general handling, loud noises & with unexpected things in his face, as well as lessening some of his mental fretting during training.  I’m continuing on with this formula to help him have a good experience as he starts his show career now. “

Sue Ann Smith


“My NSH gelding was involved in a horse trailer accident . There were no physical injuries but the psychological and behavioral effects were becoming unmanageable. His anxiety level was beginning to 
incapacitate him. The “ADAPT and CALM EQ” formula reduced his anxiety levels immediately, returning his normal equine sleep pattern, etc.  Yesterday I did the unthinkable…
I gave him the Adapt and Calm EQ, and with the help of a patient friends horse, we loaded my horse into her trailer without incident. I’m a medical professional so I’m always skeptical of products claims.  Adapt and Calm EQ is consistently effective in changing environments and situations. “
Arlene Neumann
“We tried the Adapt & Calm on a mare who typically is very distracted and spooky at shows.  For the first time ever, she made it through two classes without bolting and was very focused!”
Shannon Peters
 “I recently tried the new Adapt & Calm EQ on several horses, one for an extensive trailer ride ( some 2500 miles) and one on a horse coming back from a severe injury who is  feeling a little too good for his actual stage of healing, also known as explosive! I was impressed. The horse that I trailered the long distance was unbelievably calm throughout the journey, even when the truck broke down and he spent hours just standing around in trailer. I was informed that this horse would paw extensively and act claustrophobic when trailered, and could give trouble loading, so we arranged for him to begin the Adapt & Calm EQ a week before trip. I spent a little time the day before departure introducing him to the trailer, and after that he loaded like a pro every time. Once in trailer, he might paw a little till we drove off, but after that, even after a full day of trailering, he stood and disembarked quietly. All in all, he handled a very long trip, adapting to his new surroundings very quickly, and much better than expected as per his history.  My explosive, rehabilitated horse showed signs of calming down, focusing and applying his excess energy to the work within a few days of starting the product. I already had him on another calming product, but there was a clear difference once he started the Adapt. Though he still responded to outside stimuli, he refrained from turning himself inside out, and was much easier to work with. I ran out of the Adapt and now he is winding up again, so I’m off to order some more!”
Susannah Cord
“I have put almost all my horses on it – I am blown away by how well it is working.  I put everyone on 2 scoops per day as this is the level that seems to work best for me. It doesn’t make the horses dull or take their spark away, but I have been so impressed with the increase in focus and decrease in worry that I’ve seen since starting it.  I had one horse in particular who would go along fine until you pressed the wrong button, and once that button was pressed the rest of the ride was shot.  Now I can push and press a bit, and I may have a short temper tantrum but then the horse lets go and we go on like nothing happened.”
Beth Stelzleni  




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