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How EQ Stomach Works

How EQ Stomach Works

EQ Stomach combines the research and clinically proven abilities of Marshmallow and Aloe in high levels to soothe the stomach and provide beneficial healing support.



Stomach ulcers and digestive upset are a common occurence, especially in the competition horse.  Clinical signs can include signs of colic, but more often result in changes in behavior, with irritability, training difficulties, appetite fluctuations and even grooming concerns.

Cur-OST® EQ Stomach helps to resolve these concerns quickly and naturally! EQ Stomach combines the research supported and clinically proven benefits of Marshmallow and a   concentrated Aloe Powder blend to get results for your horse. Marshmallow and Aloe are common ingredients found in many horse stomach formulas, but are often combined at low levels with other secondary nutrients, thus diluting out the effects and overall results.

EQ Stomach utilizes the highest levels of both Marshmallow and a concentrated Aloe extract, providing 13.5 grams of each per serving with no added flavors, additives or inactive ingredients. We give you what your horse needs, nothing more and nothing less! The EQ Stomach formula has been used clinically for many years to reduce the impact of stress on the stomach, by reducing inflammation, providing a soothing effect to the stomach and beneficial healing properties.

Soothe the Stomach and Promote Healing. Quickly and Effectively!

Through daily use of the EQ Stomach formula, it may be possible to reduce the needs for prescription ulcer medications, while positively impacting your horse’s performance and reducing associated bad behaviors including reluctance to be brushed, irritability, moodiness and poor performance. Clinically proven formula and research tested to provide a marked improvement in over 80% of patients in less than 2 weeks ! Great used alone or in combination with one of our Curcumin based formulas to further promote a healthy inflammation response!

If your horse also experiences anxiety and high stress, consider adding in our EQ Adapt to reduce the impact of cortisol and stress, which can be the source of the problem!

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