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Which Cur-OST formula is right for my horse?

Our Cur-OST® formulas target a healthy inflammation response and were created originally to benefit Dr. Schell’s equine patients, helping to improve overall health, joint mobility, performance and reduce aches & pains. There are many joint and health supplements available for horses, but the goal with our formulas is to first provide natural ingredients and herbs that are effective in their actions and second, provide the highest levels based on research to get those results.  The choices between the Cur-OST® equine formulas may appear confusing but really, there is a strategy for each formula.  The most common question we have is ‘which formula is right for my horse?’.  The answer is not straight forward considering that each horse is an individual, but hopefully we can outline the goals and uses for each formula.

All too often, we are focused on specific problems affecting our equine companions whether if that is a joint concern or injured tendon, when in fact, we should be looking deeper into overall health.  Health, is actually a state in which there is no disease, which includes injury.  When these problems develop, it should be a sign that we need to focus on health restoration, which may actually impact the condition at hand.  In reality, as health deteriorates due to many factors, there is actually an increase in the activity of certain cellular pathways, including one specific called NF-kB, which results in negative changes in the inflammation process.  Through the use of targeted herbal therapies, we can down regulate and balance NF-kB activity, manage oxidative stress and improve cellular function.  As a result, we can impact health and soundness on many levels, simply and effectively.

An uncontrolled inflammation response is a fact of life, impacting our horses on many different levels from joints to immune dysfunction. There are many different underlying contributors to the inflammatory cascade of events and these include:

  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Environmental influences
  • Competition/ training
  • Genetics

As you can see, the contributing factors can be many and each needs to be taken into consideration when evaluating the horse in order to obtain the best route of supplementation. Our Cur-OST® formulas have the goal of supporting a healthy inflammation response through the use of research and clinically proven herbs that often work at a higher cellular level than some medications and most other health supplements.

Inflammation is impacting the entire body and so are our Cur-OST® formulas!  If we can promote a healthy inflammation response, then often conditions including joint problems, sore muscles, poor performance, immune system problems and overall health are more easily managed for the benefit of the horse.  In many cases, the Cur-OST® are so complete in their action, that we have little use for other health supplements.

Let’s review our Cur-OST® Equine formulas:

Cur-OST® EQ Green:

This formula was originally created to serve as a baseline product for promoting a healthy inflammation response, supporting overall health and providing a base of nutrition for those horses coming into training or those horses with no evident clinical problems.  The EQ Green formula provides a nice blend of patented BCM-95® Curcumin with proven high levels of absorption with a 65% Boswellia extract to help promote a healthy inflammation response.  In the formula are also supportive herbs including Spirulina blue green algae, Alfalfa Herb, Ashwaghanda and Anise Seed, which all help to support overal health, promote a healthy mood and provide various nutrients in their natural form for cellular function.  This formula targets lower levels of daily aches and pains within the active horse, but also supports overall joint, muscle and body health.  EQ Green may be a good long term formula for those horse owners that have achieved results using one of our other formulas and are looking for a supportive type of formula.

Cur-OST® EQ Plus:

This formula was created with the competitive equine athlete in mind.  These horses are undergoing a tremendous amount of strain as a result of emotional anxiety, stress, training and competition.  This process fuels the inflammation response, which then contributes to joint dysfunction and various injuries.  The EQ Plus formula targets inflammation, by promoting a healthy inflammation response through the use of higher levels of patented BCM-95® Curcumin, Boswellia, vitamin C, vitamin E and CoQ10.  It doesn’t just help to support a more normal inflammation response, but also provides potent levels of antioxidant support to help curb cellular damage and improve cellular intregity.  This formula also provides a light base of alfalfa for nutritive properties and a blend of medicinal mushrooms to promote a healthy immune response. If your horse has an active injury or consistent aches or pains, this formula is a good starting point!

Cur-OST® EQ Pure:

This formula was created to manage more difficult cases which may be marked by high levels of daily discomfort in the horse from a variety of conditions including joint dysfuntion, muscle soreness, injuries, laminitis, navicular problems and even ocular issues, all secondary due to an healthy level of inflammation.  The EQ Pure utilizes the highest levels of Curcumin with Boswellia, vitamin C and CoQ10 in a Flax seed base to enhance absorption and support a high level of inflammation support!  In most cases, this formula is used for the short term, generally 1-2 months, then the horse can be backed down to either the EQ Plus or the EQ Green for long term support.  It is not harmful to continue the EQ Pure for the long term, but many patients simply don’t require this level of support for months on end.  The EQ Pure is our most POTENT Curcumin based formula for horses.

Cur-OST® EQ Total Support:

This formula was originally created to aid in the promotion of a more normal allergy response in horses.  Allergies are often linked with poor digestive health, after all, 80% of our immune system is located in the gut.  However, over the years, we have discovered that many other conditions including COPD, laminitis, uveitis and certain tendon injuries are actually linked with poor digestive health, poor nutrient absorption and a systemic inflammatory response.  Not all horses with digestive issues have overt clinical signs of ‘gut’ problems such as ulcers or colic, but others may just exhibit an ‘easy keeper’ body condition, poor hair coat, poor hoof health and a failure to heal injuries properly.  The EQ Total Support formula is really a combination of both the EQ Green and the EQ Plus formula, providing the proven capabilities of the BCM-95® Curcumin, Boswellia to promote a healthy inflammation response and other supportive and nutritive herbs including vitamin C, vitamin E, CoQ10 and spirulina.  The real bonus to this formula is the addition of potent levels of Dandelion, Marshmallow and Parsley, which help to reduce phlegm, further support a healthy inflammation response, soothe the gut lining and promote healthy digestion.  It is through the use of all of these herbs that we can achieve results in those patients with evidence of gut dyfunction which may be contributing to joint aches, tendon injuries, muscle problems, allergies, laminitis, uveitis and other conditions.

Cur-OST® EQ Immune & Repair:

This formula was specifically created to aid in promoting a healthy immune response through the use of a patented blend of concentrated medicinal mushroom polysaccharides and vital amino acids.  These ingredients have been researched for decades for their immune system benefits and our EQ Immune formula provides them in levels similar to those seen in research trials.  The goal with this formula is to promote a healthy immune response and aid in the repair of tissue.  All tissue, when injured, requires a proper immune response to aid in clearing dead debris from the injury site, which includes tendon and muscle injuries.  If we enhance the immune response, often the injuries heal better and more quickly.  A proper immune response is also vital in cases of infection to aid in recovery, but also needed in cases of ongoing stress to help protect against invading organisms.  The EQ Immune & Repair formula is great by itself for overall immune support, but is more effective in cases of injury or infection when coupled with one of our inflammation reducing formulas mentioned above. This formula is very useful in aiding in support for those horses impacted by EPM or Lyme’s Disease.

Cur-OST® EQ Nourish:

This formula was created to provide a nice base of digestible protein and amino acids to help enhance performance, recovery and tissue repair.  The EQ Nourish uses potent levels of Pea Protein, vital amino acids, CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid and flax seed to help aid in cellular performance, energy production and likewise tissue repair.  It is very beneficial in supporting the working equine athlete, but also helpful in building muscle mass and strengthening hooves and tendons.  It is great by itself, but better results are acheived when used in combination with our EQ Plus or EQ Total support to aid in overall health and inflammation management.

Cur-OST® EQ Stomach:

This formula was created to support a healthy digestive system and minimize the impact of stress on the gut in the working equine athlete.  Gastric ulcers are a common end result of training and stress, resulting in overt signs such as behavioral problems to more serious conditions including colic.  Gut dysfunction can impact performance and even predispose to tissue injury due to poor nutrient absorption or decreased appetite.  The EQ Stomach formula uses potent levels of two primary herbs proven to aid in gut health: Marshmallow and Aloe.  Many supplements use these two ingredients to provide relief, but often they are secondary ingredients at very low levels.  In our EQ Stomach, they are the primary and only ingredients at levels often 10 times higher than other supplements.  Aloe and marshmallow both soothe the gastrointestinal tract and stomach, but they also support healing based on research studies.  This formula is very palatable and quickly effective in providing relief for most horses in less than one week.  The EQ Stomach formula can be used alone or in combination with any of our other formulas.  If you have a horse that is on pain medications, competiting, training or exhibiting behavioral problems, the EQ Stomach formula is a must have!

Cur-OST® EQ Adapt:

Stress is a common sequela to training and competition.  With increased stress, we have increased release of cortisol from the adrenal glands, which can negatively impact health and predispose to injury, not to mention create behavioral problems for the equine athlete.  Counteracting the impact of stress is an absolute must!  The EQ Adapt formula uses only one herb to accomplish this task, Ashwaghanda.  Ashwaghanda has been researched for many years and shown to not only reduce the impact of stress, but also promote healthy levels of cortisol and actually IMPROVE performance in test candidates.  It also has been shown to provide antioxidant properties and even manage inflammation, which likely contributes to its mode of action. The EQ Adapt is great to help settle horses down with behavioral problems in a low dose formula and with no sedation.  The end result is often a calmer, more focused and more willing horse, ready to please and happy to cooperate!  The EQ Adapt is great by itself or can be used with any of our other formulas.  

Cur-OST® EQ Rejuvenate:

Nutrition plays a major role in all aspects of equine health.  In today’s industry, we have become heavily reliant on synthetic or artificial foods and nutrients on many levels, which may actually be contributing to hindgut health concerns in the horse.  Nutrition is meant to be acquired through food, but in some instances, hays and forages may be deficient in nutrient quality.  As a result of poor nutrient intake, stress and often excess carbohydrates in the body, hindgut changes can occur which then can contribute to a host of problems including ulcers, poor performance, poor condition, behavioral issues and even laminitis.  Our EQ Rejuvenate formula was designed to help supplement a complete diet, by providing nutrients in their natural form derived from real food, including; alfalfa, spirulina blue green algae, peas, flax seed, red clover and red spinach, while supporting hindgut health and bacterial balance through the use of a concentrated Hops extract and brewer’s yeast.  A great addition to any regimen to supply whole food nutrients and support hindgut balance.

Cur-OST® EQ Nitric Boost:

Blood circulation is vital to not only tissue health and integrity, but also stamina, performance and recovery.  Cur-OST® EQ Nitric Boost helps to support healthy circulation through the use of a patented red spinach extract (Oxystorm®), which provides high levels of readily available nitrates which are converted to nitric oxide, the main chemical involved in dilation of blood vessels.  Through supporting healthy nitric oxide levels, we can support healthy circulation.  The Cur-OST EQ Nitric boost is valuable in cases of laminitis, navicular conditions, poor limb circulation or to just support improved stamina and performance.

Cur-OST® EQ Revive:

Performance, stamina, recovery and overall vitality are important with any horse, no matter the discipline or age.  The Cur-OST EQ Revive helps to support cellular energy production and even lung function, which is important in the circulation of oxygen to tissues.  Astragalus and Cordyceps sinensis have been relied on for centuries to support overall vitality, but also energy production, being used in athletes on many levels.  Cur-OST EQ Revive also supports healthy lung and kidney function, through the secondary actions of the herbs, so many be useful in cases of IAD, COPD, kidney compromise and even just reduced vigor as our equine companions age.

Cur-OST® EQ Meta-Support:

Equine metabolic related conditions, including insulin resistance, are very common in today’s society.  These conditions are strongly related to inflammatory damage at a cellular level, resulting in reduced insulin sensitivity which then impairs cell function.  A high majority of these patients are also overweight, which contributes to inflammation levels and lack of health.  The EQ Meta-Support is a clinically proven formula that uses a proprietary blend of fruits and berries, proven in research to support healthy insulin function and metabolism.  The formula was also demonstrated in a research trial to aid in reduction of body weight over a 30 day period.  The EQ Meta-Support also provides potent antioxidant support to assist in normal cellular function and health.  A perfect formula for any easy keeper or metabolic patient. 

View our Equine Condition Guide for further assistance with your specific situation.

I hope this guide helps to answer your questions regarding your horse and our Cur-OST® formulas.  Please feel free to email or contact us with further questions.  We are here to assist you and your horse!

Thank you,

Tom Schell, D.V.M

Nouvelle Research, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Which Cur-OST formula is right for my horse?”

  1. Is there anything in your product line for a horse with Cushings? My mare is on Pergolide and it makes her stop eating. Thanks.

    1. Hi. In most of our Cushing’s patients, many are ‘easy-keeper’ types, so we take a similar approach to managing, assuming a connection with weight and underlying GI dysfunction. Our typical approach, which has yielded good results is through combining our Cur-OST EQ Total Support with the Cur-OST EQ Adapt. This combination helps us to support a healthy inflammatory response, GI function, provides a light nutritive base and the EQ Adapt also aids us in balancing cortisol levels, which is important. Here is a link to an article:

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