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Equine Rehabilitation

Equine Rehabilitation Services

In-house Equine Rehabilitation and Consultation Services

The horse is predisposed to a variety of health conditions and soundness concerns, which is amplified if they are competing, under stress or have metabolic concerns.  In many cases, these unique athletes are left retired after exhausting traditional therapies.  Is it possible to bring these athletes back?  Improving soundness, performance and overall quality of life?

At Nouvelle Research, Inc., our focus started with the horse and will always be the horse!  Our company was founded on principles set by Tom Schell, D.V.M., to not give up and continually seek new options targeting the restoration of health through nutrition and targeted herbal supplementation.  In many cases, it is the imbalance between various cellular pathways that is contributing to poor health, joint pain and even soft tissue injuries.  Dr. Schell has always believed that through a more targeted approach, taking into consideration the entire patient, the results can be amplified and improved.

Nouvelle Research, Inc. now offers in-house or out-patient consultation and rehabilitation services, putting Dr. Schell’s 20 years of equine practice experience and research to work for your horse! 

No two horses are the same, despite similar circumstances.  We approach each horse as an individual, taking all aspects into consideration that may be contributing to the problem.

Rehabilitation Program Includes:

  • Full patient physical evaluation and review of complete history
  • Full patient board with high level, targeted nutrition
  • Daily exercise (controlled), riding program and/or turnout as dictated by case
  • Daily evaluation by Dr. Schell and Staff
  • Supplementation program, utilizing Cur-OST® formulas, customized and monitored to each patient
  • Hoof health evaluation/balancing
  • Diagnostic blood work, ultrasound and/or digital radiograph evaluation as needed throughout stay

Program Cost:  $2000 for 30 days

This program cost includes all diagnostics related to admitted condition, supplements, board and feeding program.

Our Areas of Specialty and Interest Include:

  • Laminitis/Metabolic Conditions
  • Soft Tissue/Tendon or Ligament Injuries
  • Chronic Joint Discomfort
  • Conformational Imbalances
  • Hoof Imbalance or Foot pain/Soreness
  • Back Discomfort
  • Behavioral Conditions

Based on our prior experience, we have over an 80% success rate in a multitude of situations, however each case is unique and challenging.  In most instances, patients are improved within 30 days and released to the owners to continue forward with our protocols.  

Services are offered on an in-house, out-patient basis.  Consultations and guidance also offered by email or phone.

All inquiries may be made directly to Dr. Tom Schell by email at or by calling 336-566-1121.

Our facility is located in Jonesville, NC, which is one hour north of Charlotte and 30 minutes west of Winston-Salem, NC.

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