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Supporting Equine Rescues

Helping you to help others and learning in the process

Nouvelle Research, Inc. is here to use our knowledge, research and clinical experience to assist equine rescues in more way than one.

Discounted Pricing for Non-Profit Organizations:

We offer product discounts for non-profit organizations.  We understand your financial difficulties and admire the work that you do, caring for those in need.  If you are interested in establishing a rescue account with our company, please contact us today!  We can help guide you with various cases and assist with product selection to help optimize results, in addition to a discount to ease your burden.

In-House Rehabilitation– minimal to no fee to non-profit organizations

This is a new program we are offering non-profit equine organizations.  If you have a challenging or persistent case, please let us assist.  We understand the financial burden and often frustration that go along with rescue cases, whether if it is a medical or lameness problem.  We can assist and here is how:

1. In-house, veterinary supervised medical care for your rescue patient

2. Full board, tailored nutrition program and supplementation

3. Full diagnostics including x-ray, ultrasound and laboratory testing if indicated

4. Tailored exercise program, recovery and even hoof care

All services are provided at no cost or minimal cost to the certified, non-profit equine rescue.  Laboratory testing and medications are provided at cost based on pricing to our facility.  All other tests, examinations, board, supplementation and monitoring are provided at NO COST.

Our intention is to help lessen your financial burden and frustration that often accompanies these more difficult cases.  If we can assist you, then we can not only learn and gather information, but use this information to assist others in the equine community. 

Our goal is to help in the recovery of these cases, achieve the best possible outcome and return the patient to your organization for adoption, fostering or other future arrangements.  In most cases, the patients are on the road to recovery in 30-60 days, with follow care provided by your organization.

If you are interested, please contact us today for a patient application.  Space is limited!

Please contact Dr. Tom Schell at or by calling our 1-800-476-4702.

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