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  1. Good evening I have a 20 year old quarter horse that has lost a lot of muscle in his top line. Looking to see what I can do to help him. Thanks

    1. Hi Kristy,

      Thank you for your email. There is many reasons for this phenomenon, especially in the aged horse. Inflammation and diet, along with lack of proper stimulation to those muscles can create the problem. I’d consider two formulas in your case. Cur-OST EQ Green to balance inflammation and adding in the Cur-OST EQ Nourish, for additional protein supplementation.

      I hope that helps! Thank you!

  2. HI,
    My horse Luka got his right hind stifle stuck (Upward fixation of the patella) approx. 4 weeks ago. He is a 4 yr old Quarter Horse. The vet had him on Equioxx for 14 days and light exercise (trotting, small incline, short rides). Luka has good days and bad days. He can be very energetic running around the arena like a race horse when turned out and then a day or two later, he is lazy and uninterested in moving his body. He has a difficult time cantering at a lunge or under saddle especially to the right. He puts his ears back and changes leads back and forth. Sometimes he stumbles and he definitely mis steps on his bad days. I am thinking to give your products a try. Luka is currently on Cavela’s Mix and Mash, Nimble 7 in 1 joint/vitamin supplements and Triple Crown Naturals probiotic feed. What do you recommend for Luka?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      These cases can be a little complex. Feel free to email me privately through our website and I will be happy to guide you.

      Thank you!

  3. I have 3 horses. All 3 need to lose weight. All 3 are on pasture in winter with free choice hay…try to keep outside 24/7 but sometimes inside at night in in climate weather (sleet). Summer they are inside during the day, 2 with a muzzle. 1 has Cushings with suspected IR (15 yrs old), 1 tablet Prascend daily . 1 has had laminitis 7 months ago (17 yrs old). 1 can get footy but no known ailments but is a very picky eater. Current diet includes free choice low NSC/WSC hay (under 10). FED TWICE PER DAY: 1/3 cup Crypto Aero, 1/3 cup Quiessence, 1/4 cup chia seeds, 1/3 cup psyllium, 2 TBS turmeric, 1 TBS salt, probiotic, electrolyte, 1 tsp cinnamon, MSM. Using the chia seeds as the fat carrier for the turmeric as the Cushings horse hates Nutraflax. All 3 do not like Spirulina. ADDED ONCE PER DAY: 1 scoop Acetyl L Carnation, 5000 IU Vitamin E. I am hoping to use your product to assist and replace some of these.

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