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How EQ Green Works

Does your horses have?

» Low level or intermittent inflammatory problems impacting the joints, tendons or muscles?

» Poor hoof health, skin or tendon conditioning

» Lack skin luster or overall nourishment?

» Does your horse need an overall boost of nutrition plus inflammation support?


Cur-OST® EQ Green General Support Formula

Enhance Performance, Support Soundness, Support Overall Health

Veterinary Formulated, Research Supported, Clinically Utilized for Over 8 Years

Utilizes proven levels of BCM-95® Curcumin, Boswellia with nutritive herbs to:

⇒Targets key enzyme pathways that contribute to inflammation

⇒Manages pain & stiffness                      

⇒Enhances skin, hair, tendon and hoof health

⇒Supports Tissue Health & Healing, joint lubrication and cartilage health                                    

⇒Utilizes Spirulina Blue Green Algae to provides vitamins, minerals and protein in natural form for easy assimilation  


Ideal formula for the up and coming equine athlete to promote overall health and soundness, while undergoing the stress of training and competition.

Quite Possibly the ONLY Supplement your horse will require!    


FACT:  Chronic inflammation is affecting your horse everyday, leading to cellular changes, weakening tissues and contributing to joint deterioration. Most supplements do little to impact this inflammation but replace what is being lost as a result of it.

SOLUTION: Support a healthy inflammation response and minimize the impact to enhance overall health and improve joint function beyond traditional joint supplements.

HOW:  Curcumin has been demonstrated in research to promote a healthy inflammation response more completely than traditional therapies, by down regulating key enzyme pathways that contribute to the release of many inflammatory proteins that are involved in pain, immune compromise and tissue degeneration. By combining Curcumin with Boswellia and other nutrients, we are able to support a normal level of inflammation effectively and support overall health.


The ONLY Horse Supplement Using the Research Proven Power of Curcumin to Manage Chronic Inflammation in the Horse

Our Cur-OST® EQ Green formula provides LOW LEVEL INFLAMMATION PROTECTION SUPPORT, plus antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in their natural forms thought the use of nutritive herbs including Alfalfa and Spirulina Blue Green Algae.  EQ Green is not only a joint supplement for horses, but a complete health supplement.  Due to containing high levels of spirulina blue green algae, it is ideal for supporting ovreall skin, hair and hoof health.

Support the joints and get TOTAL body benefits!

Ideal for prevention purposes:

  •  Young horses in training and those with minor lameness issues.
  •  Low level inflammation associated with many conditions including arthritis, laminitis, navicular syndrome as well as skin and muscle disorders.   

Ideal for maintenance.

  •  Maintaining health and soundness in the equine performance horse and companion.
  •  Recommended formula for maintenance after recovery from higher levels of inflammation.


Cur-OST® EQ Green formula contains:

  • Curcumin (BCM-95®): Research supported and clinically proven to promote a healthy inflammation response and provide secondary antioxidant support, primarily through down regulation of NF-kB and upregulation of NRF-2. BCM-95® is a patented curcumin extract containing volatile oils from the Turmeric root to enhance absorption up to 7x that of normal curcumin.
  • Boswellia serrata 65%: Research support and clinically proven to promote a healthy inflammation response by impacting the 5-LOX pathway, which acts synergistically with curcumin for enhanced results.
  • Alfalfa Herb : Source of protein and natural vitamins/minerals
  • Spirulina Blue Green Algae : Natural source of protein, vitamins/minerals and aids in detoxification
  • Ashwaghanda : Supports a healthy inflammation response, helps rejuvenate the body and adapt to stressors (adaptogen)
  • Anise Seed : Aids in improving overall digestion

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