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Which Cur-OST formula is right for my horse?

Our Cur-OST® formulas target a healthy inflammation response and were created originally to benefit Dr. Schell’s equine patients, helping to improve overall health, joint mobility, performance and reduce aches & pains. There are many joint and health supplements available for horses, but the goal with our formulas is to first provide natural ingredients and herbs that are effective in their actions and second, provide the highest levels based on research to get those results.  The choices between the Cur-OST® equine formulas may appear confusing but really, there is a strategy for each formula.  The most common question we have is ‘which formula is right for my horse?’.  The answer is not straight forward considering that each horse is an individual, but hopefully we can outline the goals and uses for each formula.

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How EQ Adapt Works

Stress and Anxiety can contributing to behavior problems and a multitude of health problems! High stress levels are common in today’s world, resulting in excess cortisol production, impacting our equine companions on multiple levels, reducing their ability to focus and perform at their highest potential!


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