Equine Testimonials

CurOST® Equine Testimonials

Cassidy (Sitton) Reese, CCI* Eventer
“So, When I requested more product the other day, I had a slight realization that it may be able to help me more than I realized!  My old retired man, Ted (Olympic alternate for Ireland, World Games for Canada alternate, etc…), has been going through a pretty rough time with laminitis/cushings, etc…  We’ve all been really worried about him.  He’s been on 4 grams of bute a day, and has been having some good and some bad days.  Well, on a whim, I put him on the CurOst, and noticed IMMENSE improvement.  I’ve been able to decrease his bute to 2 grams a day and will continue to wean him down.  I hope you don’t mind that I changed horses, however, I was desperate!!!  I’m getting ready to do a blog entry about him, and the improvement that CurOst has made for him!!!”