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CurOST® Equine Testimonials

Cassidy (Sitton) Reese, CCI* Eventer
“So, When I requested more product the other day, I had a slight realization that it may be able to help me more than I realized!  My old retired man, Ted (Olympic alternate for Ireland, World Games for Canada alternate, etc…), has been going through a pretty rough time with laminitis/cushings, etc…  We’ve all been really worried about him.  He’s been on 4 grams of bute a day, and has been having some good and some bad days.  Well, on a whim, I put him on the CurOst, and noticed IMMENSE improvement.  I’ve been able to decrease his bute to 2 grams a day and will continue to wean him down.  I hope you don’t mind that I changed horses, however, I was desperate!!!  I’m getting ready to do a blog entry about him, and the improvement that CurOst has made for him!!!”

Shannon Peters , Grand Prix Rider
“Cur-OST has been a real key in managing inflammation in our horses, the NATURAL way!! I’m so impressed with this product! I have been using the Nourish EQ and the EQ Total Support in our FEI competition horses.  The EQ Total Support is definately a step up!  The EQ Nourish has helped to enhance energy and well as refine muscle, improving their performance! They have lost body fat and put on good lean muscle in just 60 days of use! I am thrilled with the results of both the EQ Total Support and Nourish!”

Denise Brinker
“My 4 yr old Icelandic mare had laminitis. Was low thyroid but no other of the usual metabolic issues nor was she overweight. I found your product and after one week she was running around . . . normal pulse, etc.. Lateral X-rays showed no rotation BUT very thin soles so it is believed to be like road founder. Icelandics do have a strong pre disposition to insulin resistence being in a long line of starvations but they do not have genetic issues with feet. So I am very grateful for your product and will order more.”

Stephanie Syzmonik
”Thank you for the shipment of Cur-OST EQ product to Galway Farm for my horse Rose. Rose has made such great improvement in just this month since taking Cur-OST EQ. She has been so much happier as well. It has been so great for me to see the difference in her ability as well as her mood & temperament.

Lorrie Canady, Galway Farm
“I am the owner and trainer of Galway Farm in Long Grove, Il. We have approximately 49 to 52 horses boarded and we attend “A” shows in the Midwest. My 22 year old horse, which was very stiff & lame, I thought I may have to put him down, but by chance we found Cur-OST EQ and gave him the first 14 days double dose as recommended, I couldn’t believe the change in him, it was amazing. He is no longer stiff or lame and we are riding him again. When I saw the change in him I decided to try it on four (4) of my other horses. A 7 year old warmblood had been lame for 2 years and we had tried everything. After giving him the Cur-OST EQ he is now sound and we are getting him ready for the show season. The other 3 are also so improved that I am recommending the product to several of my clients who have been having issues with their horses and were not able to join us at the shows. We now have 10 horses on the Cur-OST EQ products, first the stronger EQ Green Tea Free (for the ones that show) and then we switch them to the Green product for a maintenance supplement. “

Jill Salmons, “Winnie” 18 yr QHx mare
“CUR-OST® is a fantastic product that has really helped my horse, Winnie. In July 2008, Winnie foundered severely and was not responding to treatments. She was placed on CUR-OST® by Dr. Schell in addition to corrective trimming. By mid October 2008, she was able to buck and gallop out in the pasture. In December 2008, she was started back into work. Winnie looks and acts like she has never foundered. I never expected to see her act like this again. It has been an amazing comeback.”

Amy Stemp, Australia

Before starting my 18 year old mare Kelly on Cur-OST she was constantly lame and unrideable. I tried many different anti-inflammatory and joint care products but none seemed to improve her like I hoped they would. I was rapidly running out of natural products when I ordered my first bag of Cur-OST EQ Plus and within 10 days I was able to bring Kelly back into work, pain free with no inflammation of her joints. I have now also started my 8 year old barrel racing gelding Ace on Cur-OST as well to help keep him feeling the best he can. Without the help of D.r Tom Schell and Cur-OST Kelly would not be back in work and feeling as good as she does. Its a great relief to see her running around the paddock on feed time and having her big personality return once again.

Colleen Floyd, “Cherokee” 35 y.o. Appalossa

Cherokee is moving much better after his first two weeks on CUR-OST®, moving up and down hills with more ease. His comfort level is greatly improved. Cherokee has been on CUR-OST® for six months now and no longer dependent on bute. Thank you for such a great product.”

Sarah Diehl, North Carolina

I love Cur-OST®!! Early this spring my mare was able to be out in the pasture for only 3-4 hours a day while wearing a grazing muzzle, otherwise, she would come in sore. 2 weeks after we started her on Cur-OST® she was able to stay in the pasture for most of the day even without a muzzle and she showed no signs of tenderness in her feet!! Another interesting thing I’ve noticed since she’s been on Cur-OST® is that she is not nearly as cresty in her neck as she was last year. Thanks Dr. Schell!!!”

Stephanie Syzmonik, Illinois

Thank you for the shipment of Cur-OST EQ product to Galway Farm for my horse Rose.  Rose has made such great improvement in just this month since taking Cur-OST EQ.  She has been so much happier as well.  It has been so great for me to see the difference in her ability as well as her mood & temperament.”

Mischa Pearson, Colorado

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my recent purchase of your Total Support!!  My 21 year old mare has been on your regular Curost product for 2 years now with some success, mostly for treating her arthritis.  However, she has many signs of Cushings…cresty neck, lumps in a variety of areas, reactions to steroids, vaccines, first to grow a winter coat, last to shed it etc… We have treated this with ChasteBerry over the years, but nothing has really made her feel good until I got her on your Total Support.Within 2 weeks, she finally shed out the last of her coat,  leaving her beautiful, SHINEY,  and dappled.  I have not seen her coat like this probably in the entire 13 years I have owned her.  Her mood has completely changed…she seems happy, comfortable and eager to see me.  One of the most amazing things I noticed is that she had some small pea like growths on her hip and shoulder.  The vet had always told me to watch them if they changed in size, bled or started to itch.  As she had a very large aggressive mast cell tumor years ago.  However, over the years these bumps just pretty much stayed the same.  But, within these 2 weeks of being on your product, they have gotten smaller and softer…I think they might just go away in another month!  I couldn’t be happier!”

Beverly Bochetto, Georgia

I agree with your opinion about chronic inflammation. One of our horses now on CurOST,  Grits, a 14 year old POA jumper became very ill last fall. We had the vet out for blood work and then took him to AULATH though no lameness was detected. His illness was a mystery to all of us.  At Auburn he had a lameness eval and it was determined that his stifle was severely torn in three places. We were surprised as he had not exhibited extreme lameness, just ‘gitchiness’ that no farrier or chiropractic work could resolve. While there, our vet called to report that Grits was positive for WNV. We have never had a case of WNV at our farm and everyone else came up negative. I believe that the undetected inflammation from his torn stifle contributed directly to his contraction of WNV.By the way, Grits is doing FABULOUS on CurOST. The change in him is unbelievable! Tremper, our 28 year old Canadian Warmblood is also doing quite well, but he also had hock injections at Auburn just prior to starting CurOST, so we have to attribute his improvement to both. Prized Fashion, our OTTB rescue sponsored by CurOST is doing well also. After about 10 days of daily lavaging, the fistula in her withers closed. We were able to do some shallow lavage for a few more days and then the opening closed completely. There is no swelling, heat or discharge and our fingers are crossed! She is on evening turnout now and doing quite well.”

Tracey Dryka

“First of all I am so glad I stumbled across this website. I have been using the EQ Plus GTF for my OTTB for three months. I had xrays redone on Aug 13, and I am happy to say I have a very healthy horse. He sustained a med size bone chip, and the time of xrays a small amount of arthritic activity had started this was back of the first set of xrays taken in Dec/12. As of now there is no increase in arthritic activity, he has healed very well. We are going to have a small surgery done to smooth out the bone, but the vet said his knee is in great condition. I have much to thank for the product he has been on, and also the use of a magnetic boot to give our 4yr old gelding a much better quality of life.”

Jeannie Malone

“I am so glad to report that Goodie is still doing great on the Cur-OST!  You provided me several bags as part of the test study last spring and I continue to buy from Lisa Marie Miller.  Goodie’s allergies are completely in control at this time.  It is such a relief.  He is so much happier, he can breathe and do his dry work and competition runs without coughing as gasping for air!  Huge improvement.  Thanks for a great product!”

J. Perry

I was astounded at the difference in my filly after the addition of the two products recommended by Dr. S.  As a pharmacist, I tend to be skeptical about products, but the positive changes in my filly were amazing.  I am so happy to have my filly back!

Elizabeth H.

I have been using a variety of Cur-OST Equine supplements and have noticed all my horses are doing better.  They have better coats and less skin issues.  The older horses are more muscled and spry.  The competition horses are performing better with less lay ups and faster recovery times.  The Adapt & Calm has been a game changer for me, helping us to get off of ulcer meds and other supplements.  The Pure has helped my very lame older horse with pain and stiffness, giving him a dramatic improvement in quality of life.  The Total Support has helped my mare compete at her best and gallop with less allergy problems. All my horses are on Cur-OST and OFF SmartPaks!  Thank you!


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