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Equine Allergies – Understanding & Providing Solutions

Itching, scratching, coughing, red eyes, hair loss and oozing skin bumps….all related to allergic conditions in horses and a common occurrence. Current approaches to therapy in allergies are often complex and unrewarding, leading to the condition often becoming worse with every passing year, fluctuating from season to season.  All of these clinical signs are evidence of a deeper seated problem in the equine patient, and through a better understanding we can take a different approach which often yields better management. As with most issues though, in regards to chronic disease in the horse, we have to see the root, the cause, and not so much focus on the clinical signs that are present.   (more…)

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Common Eye Conditions in the Horse

Eye conditions in the horse are extremely common, unfortunately, with many of them being traumatic in origin.  The majority of equine eye or opthalmic conditions are considered emergencies not only due to potential loss of eye sight, but also due to potential secondary complications.  Let’s review the most common conditions affecting the horse as well as some not so common situations, as well as discuss treatment options.

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