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cushing’s disease

Cur-OST EQ Meta-Support; Added Protection for the Equine Metabolic Patient

An overweight body condition in the horse can lead to many clinical problems, contributing to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome and even predisposing to other health ailments including laminitis.  The effects can be devastating for both patient and owner, creating huge expense and constant maintenance.  Remedies are plentiful in the equine industry, but many just cover up problems while doing little to correct the underlying condition.

Cushing’s Disease in the Horse (PPID)

Cushing’s disease in the horse is becoming a more popular diagnosis, creating confusion with many horse owners.  Cushing’s disease or Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID) is most commonly diagnosed in the aged horse, but is increasingly become more common in perceived younger horses with concurrent usage of medications to control the condition.  The impact of Cushing’s disease in the equine community is large, with more cases being diagnosed as the lifespan of the horse increases, and can create many management frustrations for the horse owner.  The syndrome is very complex, leaving many unanswered questions but many roads for possible exploration to enhance quality of life for these patients.

How EQ Total Support Works

How EQ Total Support Works

Many allergy conditions are associated with poor digestive health and leaky gut syndrome, contributing to unhealthy levels of inflammation and poor immune response.

EQ Total Support targets equine allergy conditions associated with high levels of inflammation and pain while enhancing digestion, helping to also improve joints, mobility and tendon health.  Ideal horse supplement for equine allergies, joint ailments and tendon conditions that might be associated with poor digestive ability and chronic inflammation.