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Cur-OST EQ Meta-Support; Added Protection for the Equine Metabolic Patient

An overweight body condition in the horse can lead to many clinical problems, contributing to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome and even predisposing to other health ailments including laminitis.  The effects can be devastating for both patient and owner, creating huge expense and constant maintenance.  Remedies are plentiful in the equine industry, but many just cover up problems while doing little to correct the underlying condition.


Metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and Cushing’s disease all have an underlying connection with poor cellular function on many levels.  In actuality, each condition is a progression of the cellular problem, leading to various stages as a result of ongoing cellular damage.  In actuality, most of these patients start off as ‘easy keepers’, retaining more body fat than desired, which over time, contributes to an elevated stage of inflammation in the body. It is this inflammatory response, this elevated level of cytokine or inflammatory protein production, that then contributes to cellular changes over time including poor insulin response, degeneration of the pituitary gland in Cushing’s syndrome and even laminitis.

Many of these equine patients struggle monthly, despite altered dietary regimens, special shoes and even medications.  

Are there better options for your horse?

Cur-OST® EQ Meta-Support helps your horse on a different level:

  • A unique blend of concentrated Blueberry, Bilberry, Noni Fruit, Apple Peel, Poria cocos, Astragalus and Amla
  • All natural ingredients with no fillers or additives, berry and fruit based to support health naturally
  • All vital sources of naturally occuring antioxidants, nutrients and phytochemicals to support healthy cellular function
  • Supports healthy sugar metabolism and insulin function…naturally!
  • Helps to support a healthy inflammatory response on a cellular level
  • Helps to promote a healthy weight and body condition

The Cur-OST® Meta-Support was shown in a clinical trial to promote weight loss, with an average loss of 33.8 lbs in horses over a 30 day period.

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It gets back to proper nutrition, using herbs and food, for the purposes that they were intended.  Promoting cellular health!  

If you own a metabolic prone horse, the EQ Meta-Support can improve the situation through cellular function and even by promoting a healthy weight!


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