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Digestive Support in the Horse; Cur-OST EQ Tri-GUT versus EQ Pro-GUT

Digestive support is one of the key and most critical aspects to aiding a horse with almost any condition. The main problem can be obvious, such as gas, loose stools, colitis, or a colic history.  However, in many horses, the gut is a silent player in the ongoing inflammatory problems contributing to joint issues, back …

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The Overweight Horse, Digestive Health, and Ongoing Lameness

What’s your horse’s body condition?  Is your horse overweight?  Comfortably round? Does he have a bloated hay belly? Are there other health issues that you are contending with in your horse?  Possibly allergies?  Metabolic conditions? Poor hoof health?  Joint lameness? Tendon or ligament injuries?  How about his digestive health?  Any problems with gas, loose stools, …

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Gas, bloating and GI upset in Dogs

Our canine companions are no different than you or I, or for that matter horses.  We all have a gastrointestinal tract that sometimes can get out of whack, not functioning at desired levels, resulting in gas, diarrhea, bloating and even intermittent vomiting at times.  It can be difficult to contend with, especially in the middle of the night or if your pet is left unattended by day while you work, coming home to a mess.  Why does this happen and is there something we can do or not do to improve the situation?

Cur-OST EQ Stomach: Providing Broad Spectrum Digestive Support

Ulcers and hindgut problems are rampant in the equine community, resulting in high use of medications and dramatically impacting performance. Most owner continue to battle these problems on a daily basis with little results gained, even with high use of costly medications.  In many instances, we are literally chasing our own tails, as even with these therapies, we are not addressing the main problem.  Are there better options available?

Probiotics; Are they necessary?

Probiotics are common in today’s equine industry and even human health.  They are heavily marketed for supporting gastrointestinal health on many levels, but are they really needed and are they really beneficial?  There are many types of probiotics promoted in various products, but unfortunately, they are all lumped together and promoted as being beneficial, which can further muddy the waters. So how do we know if we need to use them and if so, what types are most beneficial? The answer to this question lies not only within research but also through clinical experience.