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Cur-OST EQ Stomach: Providing Broad Spectrum Digestive Support

Ulcers and hindgut problems are rampant in the equine community, resulting in high use of medications and dramatically impacting performance. Most owner continue to battle these problems on a daily basis with little results gained, even with high use of costly medications.  In many instances, we are literally chasing our own tails, as even with these therapies, we are not addressing the main problem.  Are there better options available?Equine gastic ulcers and hindgut acidosis/ulcers are commonly associated with two main contributors; stress and diet.  The diet, through the use of high intakes of carbohydrates, can actually create acidosis and shifts in pH, which can contribute to ulcers, irritability, behavioral concerns and poor performance. Stress, both mental and physical, is also a major contributor to both ulcers, behavior problems and even digestive concerns.

Most medications are simply covering up the problem, not really addressing the underlying causes. These medications are actually decreasing acid production by the stomach, thereby reducing ulcer irritation.  But, two things stand out here.  First, most horses are not really producing an excess of stomach acid, therefore that is not likely the problem.  Second, by decreasing acid production, we may actually be negatively impacting digestion of food stuff, resulting in lower nutrient absorption and availability, including magnesium and many others, creating more problems.


For best results, we go to the source and manage the main problems.

Cur-OST® EQ Stomach helps us to address the cause and aid in resolution of the main problems:

  • Potent levels of concentrated Aloe Gel Powder in combination with Marshmallow Root Powder to get results!
  • Soothes, protects and benefits the entire gastrointestinal tract from stomach to the hindgut
  • Provides benefit to microorganism base of the GI tract and Immune system
  • Beneficial to help minimize the impact of stress on the stomach and hindgut
  • Beneficial to the lungs, providing support in ‘dry airway’ type of cases, including Inflammatory Airway Disease
  • Beneficial to the urinary tract, from kidney to bladder, to reduce irritation via a soothing effect

Ideal formula for those horses with gastric or hindgut ulcers, hindgut acidosis, recurrent colic situations or stress induced diarrhea or loose stools.

In high stress or anxiety cases, we recommend adding in the Cur-OST® EQ Adapt & Calm for maximum results!

Reduce the Impact of Stress on Your Horse’s Digestive Tract. Reduce Requirements for Medications. Get Better Long Term Results!


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