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Thoroughbred Tendon Injury Recovery

Tendon Injury management can be challenging, often with a tremendous investment of time and money.  After 20 years of veterinary practice, utilizing traditional methods of management, I am a firm believer in providing for the tissue that is injured and thus, creating the ideal environment for cellular repair and recovery.  The results tend to be more reliable, quicker and the patient seems to do better in the long term. I feel it is critical to control the inflammatory response and provide proper nutrients, which then opens the door for healing.  Here is one case, amongst many, that demonstrates a fairly simple approach with dramatic results in a short period of time.

Skin Allergies and Itching in Dogs

The itching, the scratching and more often than not, there is a foul odor noted with your dog. They seem miserable and uncomfortable most of the time, often requiring multiple visits to your veterinarian.  You’ve checked them for fleas.  Skin infections have been addressed, but the problem still persists. What is the cause?  Why do they scratch and why do they always smell irregardless of multiple baths?