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Joint Dysfunction; Are Injections the Only Solution?

Joint disease is a common manifestation of life, aging and often a result of many contributing factors including conformation, deformities and repetitive overuse.  In horses, joint pain is common not only with aging due to deterioration, but is also present in the younger group secondary to high levels of stress to the areas associated with training and competition.  In all groups, we have an often daily dependence on pain medications, but in horses, this progresses one step further to include repetitive joint injections to help keep the athlete competing. In many respects, we have come to accept these therapies as the only means of management, but are they really helping and is there more that can be done?  Is it also possible that some of these therapies, despite good intentions, may be creating more harm in the end?  With further knowledge, we can understand better and consider different options.

Inflammation and Impact on Health; Beyond Pain and Swelling

When we think of inflammation, it is often in the form of pain and swelling.  Joint pain, stiffness, a wound or cut, sore back, sore throat or even an ear infection.  All of this is true and these conditions are associated with inflammation, but the overall concept goes much deeper, often being unrecognized clinically but all too closely tied with other health conditions.  It is an important concept to grasp, even on the most basic level, as with this understanding, we have opportunities to intervene which may give us more opportunities to manage and even prevent certain conditions.

Which Cur-OST formula is right for my horse?

Our Cur-OST® formulas target a healthy inflammation response and were created originally to benefit Dr. Schell’s equine patients, helping to improve overall health, joint mobility, performance and reduce aches & pains. There are many joint and health supplements available for horses, but the goal with our formulas is to first provide natural ingredients and herbs that are effective in their actions and second, provide the highest levels based on research to get those results.  The choices between the Cur-OST® equine formulas may appear confusing but really, there is a strategy for each formula.  The most common question we have is ‘which formula is right for my horse?’.  The answer is not straight forward considering that each horse is an individual, but hopefully we can outline the goals and uses for each formula.

Why Your Joint Supplement May Not be Working

Daily aches and pains are one of the biggest problems we deal with as we get older, but they are also very common in our pets and horses, especially if they are athletes.  The aches and pains are often associated with joint deterioration on many levels with resulting cartilage degeneration, which creates discomfort.  Most people resort to traditional joint therapies, including glucosamine and chondroitin, in addition to various pain medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories to help control pain.  Despite these efforts, many are still seeking options to help get to the next level of comfort not only for themselves, but also for their equine companions and pets.  Let’s take a look at what is going on and what other options may be available.

EQ Plus Static Hero

Targets Inflammation in the Performance and Recovering Horse Enhanced levels of BCM-95® Curcumin, Boswellia, Vitamin C & E, plus CoQ10 to promote a healthy inflammation response and combat oxidative stress with alfalfa and whole mushroom base to support overall health and immune response. Targets joints, tendon & muscular conditions to manage inflammation and discomfort, plus support …

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Curcumin. The Power House of Health Protection for People and Animals

Curcumin, the “Indian Solid Gold” is one of the most cherished spices in the world.  Health is something we all take for granted, but did you know that Curcumin taken daily can bring about dramatic health changes for the positive?  Whether if you suffer from chronic joint pain, lower back pain or overall stiffness, benefits can be seen.  In horses, we battle with joint deterioration, back complaints and overall unsoundness, chasing these conditions with expensive remedies combating something that could be better managed from another standpoint.  Even in horses, dramatic changes can be evident, often creating confusion as to how something so simple can have such far reaching effects.  Pets are no different, suffering from the same clinical maladies that affect humans.  They too can benefit immensely, restoring healthy, vitality and a quest for life.  So, why is this herb so wonderful?

How EQ Total Support Works

How EQ Total Support Works

Many allergy conditions are associated with poor digestive health and leaky gut syndrome, contributing to unhealthy levels of inflammation and poor immune response.

EQ Total Support targets equine allergy conditions associated with high levels of inflammation and pain while enhancing digestion, helping to also improve joints, mobility and tendon health.  Ideal horse supplement for equine allergies, joint ailments and tendon conditions that might be associated with poor digestive ability and chronic inflammation.