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Adaptogens and the Horse; How and Why?

Stress, anxiety, and even depression dramatically impact the horse mentally and physically.  This is especially true of the competitive equine athlete, but is also true for those horses stalled a lot or recovering from an illness or injury.  Stress is a physical response in the horse, often created by the mind within their head, responding to different circumstances, physical pain, or lifestyle factors.  Overcoming this stress response can lead to a healthier animal, faster recovery times from illness or injury, and improved performance.  Adaptogens are one key player in this recovery for the horse, but knowing how they work and when to use them can be the difference between success and failure. (more…)

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Wild Yam; Can It Benefit YOUR Horse?

Wild Yam is one of a thousand of herbs out there that can benefit your horse, but each herb, despite having similar capabilities regarding inflammation, can be quite different in their overall mechanism of action.  Thus, no one herb is right or beneficial for each and every horse.  Wild Yam is one that is quite unique and an herb that I have found to have tremendous value in the right horse for a variety of reasons and issues.  The capabilities and potential are quite significant! (more…)

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Evaluation of Berry and Citrus Herb Formula in Equine Metabolic Patients


Metabolic syndrome is a term used referring to a group of risk factors that contribute to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke in people. In horses, metabolic syndrome is closely connected with poor sugar metabolism, insulin dysfunction, circulatory disease and laminitis.  In both groups, the risk factor that is most prominent is obestity or excessive body condition, which then tends to increase the risk for development of other factors and further contribute to patient health deterioration. (more…)

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