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Why Your Joint Supplement May Not be Working

Daily aches and pains are one of the biggest problems we deal with as we get older, but they are also very common in our pets and horses, especially if they are athletes.  The aches and pains are often associated with joint deterioration on many levels with resulting cartilage degeneration, which creates discomfort.  Most people resort to traditional joint therapies, including glucosamine and chondroitin, in addition to various pain medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories to help control pain.  Despite these efforts, many are still seeking options to help get to the next level of comfort not only for themselves, but also for their equine companions and pets.  Let’s take a look at what is going on and what other options may be available.

Joint Therapies. Compliance and Effectiveness

Osteoarthritis is a disease affecting all species and can affect almost any joint in the body.  The condition affects up to 70% of the humans, upwards of 60% of pets dependent on breed and approximately 70% of horses dependent on age and use.  It is a debilitating problem, causing not only pain and discomfort, but decreased range of motion, loss of use and decreased quality of life, not to mention decreased performance for the athlete.  The question comes as to how to best manage this condition with our eyes set on prevention.

It’s About the Whole Horse

In today’s equine world, there is so much focus on joint health and conditioning, that we tend to forget about the bigger picture.  As a veterinarian, I see so much over use, almost bordering on abuse, of various pharmaceutical medications and equine joint supplements.  So many people use them, that at times, I wonder if we are actually trying to manage a condition or more so if the increased use is more to follow what another is doing, almost making it a trend without purpose.  Now, I will be honest and say that many of these equine supplements and medications can prove useful in certain situations, but overall, I feel they are being overused at times, trying to accomplish things they were never intended to do.

How SA Joints Works

How Cur-OST® SA Works

Our Cur-OST® SA pet health supplement helps to manage chronic pain and inflammation while supporting overall health and tissue repair in ONE supplement!  The only pet joint supplement utilizing the power of curcumin, boswellia, nutritive herbs including spirulina blue green algae to not only reduce inflammation but support overall health.