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Headshaking in the Horse; Cause and Management

Headshaking in the horse is a common problem and often affecting up to 30% of patients to variable levels, creating high frustration for the horse owner. The exact cause of this condition can be variable from patient to patient and thus treatment and results can be variable. Headshaking can vary in regards to presentation from simple flaring of the nostrils, flipping of the nose, rubbing the nose, snorting often, sneezing and even variable degrees of overt head shaking. Given the wide range of presentation,potential causes, lack of consistent treatment response and frustration factor for the horse owner, headshaking deserves some investigation for better management options. As is my character, let’s dig into what we know regarding headshaking and see if we can not only make sense of it, but also discover potentials for therapy. (more…)

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Behavioral Problems In The Horse

An uncontrolled horse comes in many different sizes and degrees of severity.  No matter the level of the problem, a horse with behaviorial issues not only creates potential problems with competition and training, but they can also be very dangerous to be around due to unpredicatability.  There are many different causes to behavioral problems, some we can manage and others create more of a challenge. One of the first things we need to do is get a better feel for the problem at hand.

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