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How Immune & Repair Works

How EQ Immune & Repair Works

A healthy immune response is vital to overall health! EQ Immune & Repair is the only horse supplement utilizing concentrated mushroom polysaccharides and amino acids to support normal immune function and aid in tissue recovery.



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Lyme Disease In Horses

Lyme disease is unfortunately a common condition affecting not only horses and pets, but also a major health problem for people.  The disease is actually associated with a type of bacteria or spirochete, Borrellia burgdorferi, which is transmitted by either the deer tick, the blacklegged tick or the sheep tick, when feeding on the host.  The ticks are very small in size and often go undetected, but rates of infection can often times be very high dependent on geography with the northeast United States being the highest region.  The highest rates of infection generally occur from May to July due to the ticks being more active during this time. The rates of infection actually correlate with deer populations as the white tailed deer are the host for the adult stages of the tick. (more…)

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