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How Immune & Repair Works

Does your horse have?

» Persistent or recurring infections or illness?

» Increased susceptibility to infections due to stress or competition?

» Recurring hoof abscesses?

» Recurring tendon problems or other injuries that fail to heal?

» Recurring problems associated with EPM or Lyme’s Disease?

» Recurrent allergies associated with a weak immune response?

» Recurrent eye or respiratory conditions?


Cur-OST® EQ Immune & Repair Provides:

♦ Patented Immune Assist® Micron mushroom beta-glucans in potent levels

♦ Supports a healthy immune response by improving Lymphocyte and NK Cell activity

♦ Provides vital amino acids to enhance celluar function and tissue repair

♦ Supports healthy gastrointestinal health with beta-glucans and L-glutamine


FACT:  Many equine health conditions are associated with a dysfunctional immune system including allergies and infectious diseases.  Performance horses are more predisposed to these conditions due to ongoing stress, inflammation and lifestyle factors which impact the immune response.

SOLUTION: Support and enhance the immune system routinely to prevent problems and health conditions from arising, safely and effectively!

Our Cur-OST® EQ Immune & Repair equine supplement provides potent immune support through the use of a patented, micronized blend of mushroom polysaccharides and amino acids to give you results! Immune health is vital to recovery and protection!

Ideal to aid in recovery from a variety of health conditions as well as supporting the immune system during times of stress such as during competition, trailering or post vaccination. 

Our Cur-OST® EQ Immune & Repair formulas has been found to be beneficial in the assisted management of challenged or compromised immune systems.  It has also proven valuable in aiding tissue repair including torn ligaments, torn tendons and muscle injuries. This formula may be used as a stand alone to enhance immune function or combined with one of our inflammatory support formulas for better overall management.

For Enhanced Recovery:  Combine with either our Cur-OST® EQ Green, EQ Plus, Pure EQ or EQ Total Support formulas to further enhance and support health!

A Great Addition to Any Regimen to Support Overall Health and Immune Function!

Veterinary Formulated, Research Supported and Clinically Utilized to Get Results for over 7 Years!


Cur-OST® EQ Immune & Repair formula contains:

   Immune Assist Micron®: Supports overall immune function

  • Agaricus blazei
  • Cordyceps sinensis
  • Lentinula edodes
  • Grifola frondosa
  • Gandoderma lucidum
  • Coriolus versicolor

    L-Glutamine: Potent antioxidant, aids in cellular energy and glutathione production

    L-Arginine: Supports healthy circulation

    L-Carnitine: Supports energy production and fat burning

    L-Lysine:  Supports healthy tissue repair and cellular function

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