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Cancer in Dogs and Cats; Making Connections

Cancer in the dog and cat is ever increasing in our veterinary society, often mirroring that which is evident in people.  These cases create significant stress upon the pets, the owners, and the veterinarians as the precise treatment course and prognosis are often uncertain.  The rise in dog and cat cancer cases is quite significant over the years and it really raises questions as to what is the proper treatment course and more importantly, what are the underlying factors?  Cancer is a complex disease condition impacting our companion pets, but if you step back and look, you will see common connectors that are mirrored in people afflicted with the disease.  Often, the solution to the problem lies in a preventative approach, more so than a therapeutic one.   (more…)

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Equine Sports Injury Management For Optimal Outcomes

A sports related injury is common in equine competitions and training.  They are expected to occur and are likely, due to the extreme stress placed upon horse joints and other supporting structures, often exceeding normal limitations.  The injuries can be a short term nuisance, but many prove to be long-term, career ending problem that drags on for years.  Management and therapy of the horse injury from both a preventative and therapeutic perspective can dictate the outcome and often improve our odds of success.  In order to understand the therapy options before you, we have to understand what is taking place within that horse. (more…)

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Canine Cruciate Injury & Management

Lameness and discomfort are very common in our canine companions, especially as they get older, but a cruciate ligament injury often tops the list.  Cruciate injuries are not specific to the older dog, but more common in any aged pet, especially if they are large breed and active.  Given the high prevalence of these types of injuries, the expense and inconvenience behind cage resting, we have to dig deeper to determine possible contributors and how proper supplementation could be implemented to improve the odds of a full recovery. (more…)

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