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Creating Real Change in the Metabolic Horse

The easy-keeper and metabolic horse pose many challenges to horse owners, farriers, and veterinarians in many facets of equine health and soundness.  For some owners, they are contending with weight issues, insulin resistance, laminitis, and other health concerns in their horse.  For many others, these primary issues are not the problem, but more so it is allergies, ongoing colic concerns, irritable bowel issues, hindgut acidosis, and non-healing injuries or foot problems.  While this second group doesn’t realize it, all of those issues stem from underlying weight issues, metabolic concerns, and often poor digestive health balance.  Let’s look at some new options to assist these horses. (more…)

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A Novel Approach to Balancing the Equine Digestive Microflora

The equine digestive microbiome has become an area of interest in recent research, attempting to determine if connections exist with other health and lameness concerns.  In human research, a large amount of data has been produced regarding the health of the digestive microbiome and implications on overall health and quality of life in the individual.  […]

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