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Hawthorn Leaf & Berry Extract Blend 540 grams


Hawthorn Berry 4:1 Extract and Hawthorn Leaf 1.8% Vitexin Extract Blend.

Promotes healthy circulation, blood flow, cardiac function, performance, and recovery in the horse.  Benefits a healthy inflammatory response, bone and joint health.  Improves recovery in cases of soft tissue damage and poor healing. 

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Hawthorn leaf and berry extracts are well known for their research supported ability to impact circulation, cardiac health and the inflammatory response.  Both leaf and berry extracts are utilized to promote health due to each containing unique phytochemicals which are beneficial to the horse.  May improve blood flow and overall circulation, impacting performance, recovery, improved blood flow to the bones, joints, and feet, while also impacting the overall inflammatory response in the horse.  Hawthorn extracts are also traditionally used to support and promote digestion which may benefit the horse.

Hawthorn 4:1 Berry Extract and Hawthorn Leaf 1.8% Vitexin Extract Blend

540 grams total volume

Specific dosing guidelines not provided.  General guidelines are 5-10 grams per 1000 lbs once to twice daily in the horse. 


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