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Cur-OST EQ Green; General Support & Prevention with a Boost

Inflammation is one of the biggest contributors to overall poor health and lameness, including joint and tendon related problems.  Prevention is one of the keys to controlling problems down the road in the performance horse.  If we can control the issues and the process, we can maximize gains hopefully with little issues in the near future. Ideally, our goal is to balance inflammation and provide nutrients to benefit the entire body.

Cur-OST EQ Green for Horses
Cur-OST EQ Green for Horses

When it comes to inflammation, every horse is different, with some requiring a more aggressive regimen while others respond to a more simple approach.

Cur-OST® EQ Green can benefit your horse in many ways:

  • Patented BCM-95® Curcumin synergistically combined with Boswellia 65% extract in lower levels to provide support of a healthy inflammatory response impacting not just the joints, but the entire body.
  • A whole food nutrient base consisting of Alfalfa and Spirulina Blue Green algae providing a host of protein, micro and macronutrients in their natural form to support the skin, hair coat and hoof health.
  • Mood and anxiety support through the addition of a concentrated Ashwaghanda extract
  • Digestive support through the use of Anise Seed powder

The ideal formula providing a broad range of support possibilities for those horses just entering training or requiring a low level support approach, or preventative type of regimen. Helps to balance inflammation and provides a whole food nutrient base in one supplement to benefit the entire body!

Promotes a healthy inflammatory response, benefits mood, skin, tendons and hoof health!


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