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EQ Adapt & Calm; Settling the Mind and Enhancing Focus

Anxiety is a common problem in the equine industry, often connected right back to stress on a physical and emotional level.  There are many contributors to the anxiety, ranging from diet to training, including natural personality tendencies in some breed of horses.  Anxiety and stress contribute to a host of health problems in the horse and even impact performance, leading to many owners struggling to find solutions.

Anxiety in the horse can manifest in many ways clinically, ranging from obnoxious behaviors to inability to focus.  Many will ‘release’ their anxiety in certain vices such as weaving, pawing or cribbing.  Anxiety is a result of stress and with stress, we also have cortisol release within the body which can have negative consequences on a long term basis.  

The solution for better management includes many factors that need to be addressed, including proper diet, elimination of additives to the feed, proper down time and rest, and finally better environmental control which includes adequate turnout or free time.  All of these can aid us in managing these patients and reducing the impact of stress in their lives.  Despite these measures, some still have uncontrolled anxiety and excess cortisol levels, which may require a supplemental approach.

Cur-OST® EQ Adapt & Calm utilizes a concentrated Ashwaghanda powder to provide many benefits:

  • Reduces the impact of stress by calming nerve transduction, settling the mind and helping to create focus
  • Aids in promoting healthy cortisol levels, which reduces the impact of the stress response on health
  • Provides antioxidant and even anti-inflammatory benefits naturally to aid overall cell health and function
  • Benefits the endocrine, cardiovascular and nerve health and function

EQ Adapt & Calm has been clinically shown beneficial in improving physical cooperation and focus in a group of horses.

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Cur-OST® EQ Adapt & Calm is low dose, effective, affordable and safe option for daily use in any horse.  Also beneficial in Cushing’s or PPID patients to help balance excess cortisol production. 

In equine ulcer patients, secondary to stress, we recommend combining with our Cur-OST® EQ Stomach formula for enhanced results!



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