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Cur-OST EQ Pure; Critical Support for Critical Conditions

Joint degeneration, tendon injuries, laminitis, navicular conditions and even back pain can limit any horse, but especially those competitive athletes.  In many cases, these conditions have progressed further than we would like, resulting in marked changes to the joints and even damage to tendons or ligaments, often becoming unresponsive to traditional therapies and medications.  The bottom line contributor is the inflammatory process, which impacts cell health, circulation, cell function and overall health.  Sometimes, those patients require a higher level of support to ease their discomfort and improve overall performance in what ever they do.

Inflammation is a cellular process that impacts every horse, whether if they are a top level competitor or backyard companion.  Managing that inflammatory process can be the critical link between having daily problems and succeeding at the highest level.

Cur-OST® Equine formulas help us to manage and promote a healthy inflammatory response in almost every patient, but some require a higher level of intervention than others.

Cur-OST® EQ Pure provides the highest level of benefit for those critical care equine patients:

  • Critical levels of Curcumin 95% and Boswellia 65% extracts to promote a healthy inflammatory response
  • Critical antioxidant support with Curcumin, Boswellia, Vitamin C and CoQ10 to protect cell and mitochondrial function
  • Flax seed powder added to enhance bioavailability of all herbs and provide omega fatty acid supplementation
  • Helps to improve mobility, function, reduce aches/pains and support overall health in those critical care cases

Beneficial in a variety of conditions including joint degeneration, tendon/ligament recovery, laminitis, navicular conditions and even back pain that has progressed to a higher level.  

Cur-OST® EQ Pure provides the highest levels of Curcumin and Boswellia of any equine supplement on the market to get results!


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