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Cur-OST EQ Rejuvenate; Whole Food Nutrients to Empower the Body

Nutrition is vital to horse health, impacting the immune response, muscle and tendon health, hoof, skin, and vision. It is critical to almost every facet and function of the equine body, including energy production, which is at the root source of health. As important as it is, nutrition is not always easy to achieve as forage sources can vary from season to season and demands by the body can equally fluctuate.  Many horse owners rely on supplemental vitamin/mineral products which are actually synthetic nutrient derivatives, which do not provide the same value as those obtained from real whole food.  Our horses want and demand better!

Whole food nutrition is the key to health, as food is really the source for all of our nutrient needs.  The difference between whole food sourced nutrients and traditional, synthetic based products is numerous.  First, many synthetic nutrients are not in the same form chemically at those found in food sources which can create problems in the area of digestion, absorption and assimilation.  Second, whole food sources provide numerous cofactors that assist in assimilation of those nutrients, providing the best ‘bang’ for the buck, often requiring less in terms of nutrient value required to achieve same health benefits. Third, whole food sources are also full of naturally occuring antioxidants and contain other phytochemicals that are beneficial to overall health on many levels.

EQ Rejuvenate Horse Whole Food Supplement
EQ Rejuvenate Horse Whole Food Supplement

We don’t get those added benefits with a synthetic based vitamin/mineral supplement!

The reality is that high use of synthetic based supplements, often with added preservatives, additives and other chemicals, can actually be harmful to overall horse health, contributing to some ongoing digestive concerns in some equine patients.  We can help these patients and many others through the use of whole food sourced nutrients.

Cur-OST® EQ Rejuvenate provides whole food sourced nutrients to benefit your horse’s entire body:

  • Whole food ingredients including alfalfa, anise, brewer’s yeast, flax seed, concentrated Hops, pea protein, red spinach, red clover, and spirulina blue green algae
  • Natural sources of protein, fatty acids and numerous macro and micronutrients in addition to cofactors to assist in utilization
  • Added concentrated Hops extract to aid in balancing and supporting a healthy gastrointestinal bacterial population
  • Added vitamin D3 to assist with bone metabolism and immune health
  • No additives. No fillers. No artificial flavors or preservatives.

The ideal Whole Food Nutritional Supplement to benefit any equine patient from those in a low plane of nutrition, those needing to gain weight or muscle tone, to those under increased stress. Beneficial to those horses recovering from injury or illness in need of overall health support.  Also beneficial to the horse with hindgut or digestive concerns.

It’s time to ‘kick’ the synthetics and go with the Whole Food approach for better results!


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