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Cur-OST EQ Immune & Repair; Boosting Immune Health and Healing

A healthy immune response is critical to health for our equine companions on many levels.  An increased incidence of infection from bacterial to viruses are more common in the horse under high stress loads or poor nutritional planes, due to reduced function and health of the immune response. However, the immune response is involved not just in infections, but overall health, healing, digestive function and even the process of inflammation. Boosting and supporting the immune response to benefit the entire body has never been more complete, until now!

Cur-OST EQ Immune & Repair for the Horse
Cur-OST EQ Immune & Repair for the Horse

The immune system is complex, involving many aspects for a higher level of protection.  It is also negatively impacted by physical and mental stressors, an improper or incomplete diet, medications and even competition.  This is why so many competitive horses seem to be more prone to various colds, infections and even conditions such as EPM, Lyme and Anaplasmosis.  All of these conditions are more prevalent in an immunocompromised horse. When we have these problems, it is a sign that the immune response is not up to par!

The immune response is also needed in cases of injury and even wound healing, helping to ‘clean up’ dead or dying debris, eliminate bacterial invaders and accelerate the healing process.  This process is vital in cases of tendon, muscle and even hoof injuries, contributing to delayed or prolonged healing events.

Cur-OST® EQ Immune & Repair formula provides complete protection on many levels:

  • Patented Immune Assist® Micron, concentrated mushroom polysaccharides from 6 different species to boost immune response and activity.
  • Critical amino acid levels of L-glutamine, L-arginine, L-carnitine and L-lysine to further support a healthy immune response, benefit the gastrointestinal tract and wound healing
  • Benefits and supports a generalized healthy immune response for cases of infection, during transportation, during competition or even post vaccination to maintain optimal health
  • Benefits the local gastrointestinal tract, helping to support a healthy microbial balance and immune health
  • Benefits tendon and hoof health and healing post injury

Benefits the entire immune system, helping the body to recover and become stronger.  From support during infections to aiding in tendon injury recovery, Cur-OST® EQ Immune & Repair can dramatically impact your horse!


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