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Cordyceps sinensis; Rebuilding & Enhancing the Horse

Lack of energy, breathing problems, poor recovery and stamina, and impaired healing are all symptoms that often plague the equine athlete. Cordyceps sinensis is a long time, well-revered and cherished herb for overall health and vitality.  It is viewed as being a re-builder of health on many levels, supporting energy and recovery in humans.  Considering …

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Adaptogens; Rebuilding and Calming the Horse

Adaptogens are powerful in their ability to impact the health of the horse, and the term ‘adaptogen’ has become rather familiar for many owners.  In today’s horse world, anxiety runs very deep, contributing heavily to ulcers, irritable bowel conditions, performance issues, a lack of focus, and many other problems.  For many owners, they are seeking …

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Cur-OST EQ Revive; Not Just to Enhance Performance!

Stamina and performance are two key issues on the competitive horse owner’s minds.  Those two factors can make all of the difference and separate your horse out from the others in any competition, whether if it is barrel racing, flat racing, dressage or jumping.  There are many contributors to enhancing stamina and performance, some of which are inherent in that horse, but others can be manipulated to enhance results! It’s not really about “Performance Enhancement” but more so about “Health Restoration“.  If we restore health and cell function, then performance and stamina soon follow.

Equine Stamina & Recovery; Influence of Two Key Herbs

Performance, stamina, recovery and overall health are tied in together.  For centuries, various “tonic” herbs have been utilized in Chinese and Ayurvedic medical cultures, to help rebuild and promote vitality in the body, especially post illness or in cases of mental or physical exhaustion. Two key herbs stand out regarding their known ability to ‘revive’ or reenergize the body: Cordyceps sinensis and Astragalus membranaceus. In a search on, there are 853 cited papers on Astragalus membranaceus and 1118 on Cordyceps sinensis.  This give us an idea of the vast amount of research conducted and the potential applications towards health restoration.

Immune Support and the Horse

Does your horse have a healthy and strong immune system?  How do you know?  The most common problems we associate with a poorly functioning immune system are recurrent infections and even allergies, but what about other conditions?  Even in the case of infections, we most often attribute a poor immune response to more severe infections that may even result in hospitalization, but are there other clues or more subtle situations that may indicate that we have a problem?  The immune system is complex and involved in more bodily processes than one might just realize.