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EQ Adapt & Calm; Settling the Mind and Enhancing Focus

Anxiety is a common problem in the equine industry, often connected right back to stress on a physical and emotional level.  There are many contributors to the anxiety, ranging from diet to training, including natural personality tendencies in some breed of horses.  Anxiety and stress contribute to a host of health problems in the horse and even impact performance, leading to many owners struggling to find solutions.

Top 5 Equine Conditions that Benefit from Cur-OST

The horse is a complex creature, subject to many of the same constraints that we put on ourselves, which in the end impacts their health and performance. Each horse is unique in their personality and constitution, which plays a major role in the exact contributors to their particular health and lameness concerns.  Diet, environment, stress, conformation and other influences each play a part, but in most health conditions, we do have one common denominator, which is inflammation.  In most, the inflammatory response is over expressed and if efforts are put into the equation to balance that response, then health and soundness can be easier to obtain.