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Cur-OST EQ Immune & Repair; Boosting Immune Health and Healing

A healthy immune response is critical to health for our equine companions on many levels.  An increased incidence of infection from bacterial to viruses are more common in the horse under high stress loads or poor nutritional planes, due to reduced function and health of the immune response. However, the immune response is involved not just in infections, but overall health, healing, digestive function and even the process of inflammation. Boosting and supporting the immune response to benefit the entire body has never been more complete, until now! (more…)

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How Immune & Repair Works

How EQ Immune & Repair Works

A healthy immune response is vital to overall health! EQ Immune & Repair is the only horse supplement utilizing concentrated mushroom polysaccharides and amino acids to support normal immune function and aid in tissue recovery.



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