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Evaluation of Berry and Citrus Herb Formula in Equine Metabolic Patients


Metabolic syndrome is a term used referring to a group of risk factors that contribute to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke in people. In horses, metabolic syndrome is closely connected with poor sugar metabolism, insulin dysfunction, circulatory disease and laminitis.  In both groups, the risk factor that is most prominent is obestity or excessive body condition, which then tends to increase the risk for development of other factors and further contribute to patient health deterioration. (more…)

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Laminitis in the Horse

Laminitis is unfortunately a common condition affecting horses of any discipline or breed; whether if they are a Grand Prix Jumper or a backyard family companion.  This condition can be devastating in terms of overall health and is considered to be one of the main causes of euthanasia second to colic by many standards.  Laminitis is closely connected with a variety of clinical diseases, but the bottom line is there is uncontrolled inflammation on various levels, contributing to bone rotation and poor laminar health.  If we address these problems properly, then outcome can be improved dramatically in many cases.

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