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Considerations for More Successful Management of Laminitis in the Horse

Laminitis in the horse can be a devastating condition, often instigated by a variety of circumstances or conditions.  In many cases, there is no rhyme or reason to why the condition develops, or so it seems, and despite current therapies, problems persist from year to year.  Although laminitis is a complex pathological process in the …

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Laminitis in the Horse

Laminitis is unfortunately a common condition affecting horses of any discipline or breed; whether if they are a Grand Prix Jumper or a backyard family companion.  This condition can be devastating in terms of overall health and is considered to be one of the main causes of euthanasia second to colic by many standards.  Laminitis is closely connected with a variety of clinical diseases, but the bottom line is there is uncontrolled inflammation on various levels, contributing to bone rotation and poor laminar health.  If we address these problems properly, then outcome can be improved dramatically in many cases.

Laminitis in Horses; Utilizing Cur-OST Formulas to Aid in Recovery

Laminitis in horses has been proposed to be one of the most common causes of euthanasia in horses next to colic.  The condition comes about due to a variety of factors with some horses being more predisposed than others and the condition has varying levels of presentation in terms of severity.  Ultimately, we have to ask ourselves why the condition occurs, what is going on at a cellular level and what can we do better to manage the problem and improve the outcome for the patient?  In my many years of managing laminitis, I have found that the outcomes are best when we address the needs of the patient through nutritional type of resources, which I believe aid in better long term management and often improved overall health.  Here is my approach when it comes to laminitis in horses for optimal outcomes.