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Incredible Findings in Equine Gut Health and Soundness Research

The microbiome in the horse’s digestive tract is a living entity of itself, almost like a separate organ system within the body.  In states of health, the balance between species of bacteria, protozoa, and yeast is in harmony, while in states of disease, the opposite is true.  This state of dysbiosis or imbalance is important and is becoming more closely linked with a variety of health issues impacting the horse based on our research, mirroring what is being revealed in human health.  Establishing means of intervention is paramount due to the fact that the problem is becoming more prominent.  Our recent research has opened the door for newer options that may be extremely promising not just for gastrointestinal health, but overall health and even soundness in the horse.  The results are just incredible! (more…)

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Leaky Gut Syndrome; Health & Soundness

The ‘gut’.  Homebase to the immune system, source of digestion, and nutrient assimilation for the horse. We all know how an upset or disagreeing stomach can drain us of our energy, vitality, and overall zeal for certain functions, but did you know that the gut may actually be involved with many clinical diseases in the horse and even impact the joint, soundness, and allergies?  It’s true and something we have lightly investigated in a clinical study with horses.  The connections have been known for a long time in human research data and there are indications in the equine industry as well, but all to often, we fail to recognize the problem or address it properly. (more…)

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