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Cur-OST EQ Meta-Support; Added Protection for the Equine Metabolic Patient

An overweight body condition in the horse can lead to many clinical problems, contributing to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome and even predisposing to other health ailments including laminitis.  The effects can be devastating for both patient and owner, creating huge expense and constant maintenance.  Remedies are plentiful in the equine industry, but many just cover up problems while doing little to correct the underlying condition.

Cur-OST EQ Revive; Not Just to Enhance Performance!

Stamina and performance are two key issues on the competitive horse owner’s minds.  Those two factors can make all of the difference and separate your horse out from the others in any competition, whether if it is barrel racing, flat racing, dressage or jumping.  There are many contributors to enhancing stamina and performance, some of which are inherent in that horse, but others can be manipulated to enhance results! It’s not really about “Performance Enhancement” but more so about “Health Restoration“.  If we restore health and cell function, then performance and stamina soon follow.

Equine Stamina & Recovery; Influence of Two Key Herbs

Performance, stamina, recovery and overall health are tied in together.  For centuries, various “tonic” herbs have been utilized in Chinese and Ayurvedic medical cultures, to help rebuild and promote vitality in the body, especially post illness or in cases of mental or physical exhaustion. Two key herbs stand out regarding their known ability to ‘revive’ or reenergize the body: Cordyceps sinensis and Astragalus membranaceus. In a search on, there are 853 cited papers on Astragalus membranaceus and 1118 on Cordyceps sinensis.  This give us an idea of the vast amount of research conducted and the potential applications towards health restoration.

Evaluation of Berry and Citrus Herb Formula in Equine Metabolic Patients

Evaluation of Berry and Citrus Herb Formula in Equine Metabolic Patients

Tom Schell, D.V.M., CVCH


Metabolic syndrome is a term used referring to a group of risk factors that contribute to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke in people. In horses, metabolic syndrome is closely connected with poor sugar metabolism, insulin dysfunction, circulatory disease and laminitis.  In both groups, the risk factor that is most prominent is obestity or excessive body condition, which then tends to increase the risk for development of other factors and further contribute to patient health deterioration.